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Pickup Day With Oklahoma Sunshine Rabbitry

Local Clients

We have found you the perfect bunny and you are anxiously awaiting pickup day! Approximately one week prior to your bunny being ready to go, you will receive a message from me detailing days and times that I am available. I typically block out a Friday and Saturday (i.e Friday, April 15th and Saturday, April 16th) And I always schedule pickups for 11am and 6pm.

Once you have received the message from me you will respond with, for example, "Friday, April 15th at 6pm works best for me." I will book you for that time slot and meet you!

Pickup will always be in the Walmart parking lot in Purcell, OK. I park closest to the garden center. Once I have arrived I will send you what I am driving and what row I am parked in.

Depending on our schedule and how many litters are ready to go around the same time, we will schedule pickups between the ages of 8 and 10 weeks of age. If you ask, I'm able to tell you an approximate date for pickup but nothing is set in stone until I send out the message, detailing dates for you to choose from for pickup. This allows me time to assess the size and readiness to leave of each bunny in a litter. Either way, every client will know dates at least one week prior to their pickup day.

I do prefer to stick to the days and times that I have scheduled for local pickups. It allows me to simplify my schedule and focus more on my family and my bunnies at home. If you are unable to meet me on the day that I have scheduled for everyone, a boarding fee may be required.

In the message you receive from me, there will be the option to name your bunny. It's very important that you send me the name (if purchasing a pedigreed bunny) well before time for pickup so that I can provide you with a printed and signed copy of the pedigree. Otherwise, the pedigree will be emailed to you.

And lastly, final payment for local clients is at pickup, cash only. If you need to send it via Cashapp, Venmo or PayPal, please sent it prior to pickup.

Out of State Clients

Out of state clients who are traveling to pickup their bunny will have a less strict time frame. I understand travel can be hard during these times. If you are traveling from out of state, you will still receive all of the same pickup information from me that any local pickup client would receive. I do prefer to stick to the dates I have scheduled but I understand if flights or weather restrict you being able to make it to me by those specific dates. We can chat and adjust on a case by case basis.

Final payment for out of state clients is when the bunny you have chosen turns 8 weeks of age.

Transport Clients

Transport clients will also receive the same message that I send to my local clients. Disregard pickup information, but final payment due dates are listed on the message I send out as well as is other pertinent information. If you are scheduling transport, please request pickup to be in Purcell, OK.

Final payment for transport clients is when the bunny you have chosen turns 8 weeks of age.

Meet the Team!

My name is Heaven Branco and my other half is Joseph Branco!

More often than not, I will be your bunny wrangler for pickup day.

But on the rare occasion that I am unable to make it, my amazing husband is more than happy to meet you! He loves these bunnies just as much as I do and is able to answer almost any questions you may have for him at pickup.

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