Commonly asked questions


How much do your English Angoras cost?

This is a price breakdown chart according to color that is not set in stone but it is typically what we shoot for. All 100% purebred, pedigreed, English Angoras. 

Pet quality bunnies are still purebred but will not come pedigreed.

Pet Home/Fiber Home/Any Color- $50/$75

Self/Agouti/Tortoiseshell/Fawn- $155

Lightly Marked Harlequin- $155/$175

Harlequin/Vienna Marked/Red- $200/$250

Otter/Fox- $350


Will "Pet Home" bunnies come with a pedigree/breeding rights?

No. We have chosen the bunnies with the label "pet home" to go to pet homes, unpedigreed with no breeding rights because they are not up to breeding standards or they have a scar from mom being too rough with them during the kindling process. If you want to breed, save your money and get a top quality rabbit from us instead.


What comes with my bunny?

Transition food and a pedigree if specified.


Can I visit your rabbitry?

No. With RHDV2 outbreaks happening left and right along with the shortcomings of some who have ruined it for others we no longer allow people to visit. We do however send lots of pictures which you can tell a lot from! You'll find that most responsible rabbit breeders these days will no longer allow people to visit their homes as it's an outdated practice that can risk more than rabbit's lives. We have worked too hard for too long to risk the health and well-being of our precious babies. 


Can I swap a bunny that I placed a deposit on for a different bunny prior to pick up?

Yes. ONE TIME ONLY. We want you to be happy with the bunny you choose from us but we can not accommodate multiple swaps. Weigh your decision prior to placing a deposit. Most breeders will not let you make a swap.


Can I get my deposit back?

No. Deposits are completely non-refundable. They do however go towards the total of your rabbit. Placing a deposit means that you have weighed your decision to buy a rabbit and chose to buy.


When is my total due?

When the bunny turns 8 weeks of age. Their "go date" is listed on the website which is also the date that the remainder of your balance on the bunny is due.


When is my transport payment due?

1 week prior to your transport date if you are using our transport services.


What is your health guarantee?

We guarantee the health of your rabbit until the day it leaves our care. If you use our transport services our health guarantee covers transport. If you choose to use another transporter our health guarantee ends when we drop the rabbit off with the transporter. If for whatever reason your rabbit from our rabbitry dies in our care, your deposit/total will be transferred to a different rabbit in the litter of your choosing. If we do not have any more available at the time you will get pick of the litter in an upcoming breeding.


Message us with any other questions that you think should be answered here and we will happily respond!