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Adjustable Hanging Hay Basket DIY

Over the years I have played around with a lot of DIY hay holders for my rabbit cages and this one is one of my favorites! It keeps they hay contained to the inside of the cage, provides minimal waste and keeps bunnies busy. My baby bunnies love to hop into the top of the basket and nibble hay from up there which I was worried about at first, but I have been using these for over 6 months with no issues. Keep them full and your bunnies will never get bored.

You only need 3 supplies and I will tell you exactly where to find them. First off, you need shower curtain hooks. My favorite ones to use are the metal ones. These come in handy for hanging toys around your bunny's cage as well! I grabbed mine from Dollar General. They came in a pack for 12 for less than $5. You should also be able to find them at walmart.

Next up, you will need some plastic links. I found mine on etsy, but I did a quick Google search and found them on Amazon as well. Depending on where you purchase them you will get between 50-100 for $10 or less. I like the links instead of the solid plastic chain so that I can raise and lower the basket with age so that it is at the best height. These are also good to have around for hanging toys in the cage.

And lastly, head on over to your local Dollar Tree and pick up one of these baskets! I have seen them carry them in green, red and pink. Hook the links to the basket and then hook the shower curtain hooks to the links and you are all ready to set it up in your little critters cage!

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