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Bio-Security Agreement

All cages and food/water bowls will be disinfected with 10% bleach mixed with water prior to the trip and before a 

new rabbit is placed in a cage that a rabbit has been in prior.

We will not be servicing ANY STATES that have cases of RHDV or RHDV2. These states include:

Washington, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and New York.  

While there are currently no cases of RHDV or RHDV2 in Oklahoma, there are temporary restrictions in place to prevent transport of rabbits at this time.  To abide by these restrictions, we will not be providing transport services to Oklahoma.

No transition hay will be allowed on board other than the timothy hay provided by Sunshine Animal Transport.

All rabbits will be inspected upon pick up. If a rabbit shows signs of mites, nasal discharge, eye goop or excessive eye crust, sores or open wounds the rabbit will be denied transport. No refunds, so sellers, please ONLY show up to drop off with healthy rabbits. And buyers please only purchase rabbits from reputable breeders.

Please consider visiting the ARBA website for information on how to keep your herd safe from RHDV and RHDV2.

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